Let’s begin with full disclosure; I’ve never been one of those people who aspire to be their own boss. I’ve cruised through most of my life thus far working for someone else, always in the health insurance industry. Like many women, I wasn’t particularly happy in that role (or unhappy for that matter). But, it paid the bills and provided health insurance for my family. And there I remained until Spring 2017.

      That’s when my husband and I discovered a small boutique in Carrollton for sale. “Sooz” had been in business for 10+ years. I found myself caught up in his excitement for the “New Sooz”. My daughter, too, encouraged this new business venture, offering up her 16 years of retail experience in purchasing and management.

      In May, the three of us embarked on a new journey as entrepreneurs. I’ve been pushed daily beyond my comfort zone, and have discovered a new love, a new outlook, and an excitement unlike anything I’ve experienced before, all at the time a lot of women are beginning to consider what retirement might look like.

      My daughter, Erin, owns a successful western boutique in Central Illinois (and an entrepreneur in her own right). She has become my business associate and my mentor; we speak daily, discussing our successes and failures. My husband, Gary, is an accomplished CFO/CPA and is truly my right hand and best friend, steering me in the right direction and keeping us on course. I could not do this without his love and guidance.

      A word of advice to women who might read this and feel a spark of inspiration; You’re never too old to try something new! Whether it’s a new job or a new style, go outside your comfort zone, discover something new about yourself! And if you can do that with someone you love, your journey will be that much sweeter.

      Come into our boutique! Bring your mom, your daughter, your best friend. We want to share what inspires us and help you find a little something you never considered for yourself. You deserve it!
Jackie Bourscheidt
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